5 Style-Sharpening Tips for Younger Men

If you look good, you feel good, and when determining your style, you need to consider what image you wish to portray and the lifestyle you plan to lead.

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In an ideal world, people wouldn’t be judged on their looks or appearance, but the truth is that first impressions do count and can be the deciding factor in whether or not someone wants to get to know you in a social setting or offer you a job in a professional situation, so it is worth taking your appearance seriously.


Confidence goes hand in hand with success, and learning from someone you admire is a good starting point. How they wear their clothes, what brands, styles and colours they choose, can give you inspiration and ideas.

The most influential stylist in Japan, Okusa, believes fashion comes from within.


If you’re starting your first job in an office-based environment, then casual clothes are not what you need. Smart well-fitting trousers, jackets and shirts that are interchangeable are a great investment and will show your new employer you’re ready for business.

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If you have been living the life of a student and shopping on a budget, now is the time to choose quality over quantity. Clothes that go out of shape with the first wash, or crease as soon as you sit down, are going to give the wrong impression. For example, a couple of high-end Farah shirts from stores such as https://www.ejmenswear.com/men/farah would be better than buying ten from a budget fashion store.


Once you’ve decided on your look, you will need to invest in matching accessories such as shoes and belts. If you go for browns and blacks, you can’t go wrong. Always go for something stylish, hard-wearing and comfortable.


Be careful not to fall into the trap of always wearing the latest up-to-date trends, as these can date quickly and make you look like you’re trying too hard. Be comfortable in yourself and make wise purchases.

Making the right impression can open the doors of opportunity and determine your career path as well as the people you meet. The perfect time to make your mark is when starting something new and meeting people for the first time, so you’re investing in your future as well as your wardrobe.