9 Modish Short Bob Haircuts And Hairstyles For Every Woman 2018

When short bob haircuts are mentioned anywhere, what comes immediately to your mind regarding the features of these hairstyles is their versatility characteristic. They leave you with endless options to customize them to fit your character.

Whether you are rock star full of stance, or an ardent trendsetter, short bob hairstyles are always great haircuts for you to make your statement. Read these astounding short bob haircuts and gain knowledge on how they can significantly inspire your next look.


  1. Balayage Bob

The ends of this haircut are balayaged, and the base is kept natural, so the roots don’t worry you a lot. The haircut doesn’t require high budget maintenance. The things I love about it.So, if you want secure upkeep, choose this one. You will go six to twelve months without touching it!

  1. Sassy Angled Bob

It is ideal cut across all ages, and especially exaggerated haircuts of this style are rocky. It is perfect for any lady with the oval shaped face because it will disguise your oval face shape.

  1. Textured Lob Hair

It is a mixed bob with a small maintenance highlights. Additionally, you can blonde the hair with minimal maintenance because the base is shadowed with a color complimenting the natural color to reduce the demarcation line. This hair can be tailored to anyone.

  1. Heavily Layered Stacked Bob

The most loved thing about this hair is the versatility of it to be changed from smooth to beachy hair when blown out and dried.

  1. Mob Bob Hair

This is a contemporary and mod hair. The clean line makes this hair so stylish and beautiful. If you have medium and sleek textured hair, this is a good choice for you. It also looks gorgeous with chic with straight hair and those busy women who don’t have time to keep styling the hair.

  1. Short And Sassy Bob

This haircut offers a perfect frame for the face at all angles. Cutting the hair into a bob can turn to be such an excellent choice to make to enhance the look of this style.

  1. Short Bob Haircuts With Layers

This is a textured and layered bob. What is liked about the hair is that its is swingy and nice with a natural movement? Ideal for chic with thick to mid-textured hair.

  1. Short Bob With Blonde Hair

This sturdy cut is a big bob that motivates intensity to the work of blonde color. The glowing of the color blonde and the solid base is what is much admired about this haircut.

The type of client recommended for these short bob haircuts are those with diamond, or round shape faced and with sleek to medium hair. Besides, its versatility gives you options to cut it to suit your different day to day lifestyles.However; you will have to spend much on its maintenance.

  1. Razor Cut Bob

This is an edgy and flawlessness razor cut bob. It is easy to make, style, and maintain. Ideal for women who don’t like styling regularly or doesn’t like it at all.