Best Engagement Gift Ideas

Engagement is a time when two people get into a lifelong association. Therefore, this is a time to celebrate and cherish the celebration too. Although the engagement is stamped with a ring, the celebration can be prolonged through other gifts, flowers, cakes and many more items that epitomizes love and association. Here are some ideas that you may execute before or after the engagement, for the couple, or if you are one of the partners, then for your partner.

1. The omnipresent flowers: If you are planning an engagement that is quiet with just some family and close friends, then why don’t you give it a twist! You may rope the family of the girl in your plan of sending her the engagement ring placed amidst the bed of roses. These roses can be beautifully arranged in a wooden basket to make it look large. The to-be bride will be taken by this gesture as the ring will be placed between the roses. This gesture will be a very memorable one for the bride and hence you as a couple can cherish this forever. Remembering this over and over again will bring smile to everyone’s face who will be involved in the plan.

2. Gifting a Magic Box: Engagement is the most beautiful phase of the couple’s life and gifts and flowers add to the beauty and keep the bond stronger. As the two of you get to know each other, one of you can observe the likings and admiration of the partner and create a list. You may buy the items of the partner’s choice, which can be as small as buying a perfume or a chocolate and may place everything in a large box. Make sure you decorate the box and embellish it with your initials that just adds the extra spark and shows the consideration you give each other. The Magic this box will create can be remembered forever.

3. Cake and Flowers: Just when you realize that you have hit a low before marriage, gain the spark back by sending cake and flowers to the partner. Irrespective of the gender, the bride to be or the Groom to be, can take an initiative and choose from the wide range of cakes available with us. The cake will bring back the sweetness and the flowers that you choose to send with the cake will announce your love. The vitality of any relationship lies in its depth, and flowers showcase them in the best manner possible.

4. Photo Frames: Capture the moment that you two spend alone on a candle light dinner or during the coffee. Put the same in a customized photo frame and gift it to your beloved. Customized gifts never go out of fashion and does not require a special event, in fact makes any casual day an eventful one. You may buy a regular photo frame and embellish it with glitter and other decorative items available in the market. Add one large bud of Rose with it and capture the smile for yet another time.

5. Jewelry: Today’s modern-day man and woman like small pieces of jewelry. Get your initials imprinted on a locket made in silver and create a special moment. You may do this after the engagement ceremony is over or when you are meeting her/him first time after the official engagement. Every small gesture and gift counts because the period before marriage and after engagement is very special as it fosters the future bond of love. This nurturing will be forever present in the hearts of the partner. You can also read how to impress someone on first date.