Can You Tell Wedding Guests What to Wear?

It’s natural for the bride to want everything to go perfectly on her wedding day, but if she takes it too far, then she risks going viral for all the wrong reasons. Take the wedding coordinator who sent emails to guests with demands like, “Please do not wear anything other than a basic bob or ponytail” and “Do not talk to the bride at all.”

Your wedding should feel like a celebration rather than a hostage situation, so here’s what you can and can’t tell guests about what to wear.

Give them a general dress code

Your invitation should include more than just the time, date, and wedding venue. You also need to mention the dress code. There are lots of possible dress codes for weddings, including “dressy casual” on the informal end and “white tie” on the extremely formal end. If you want something in the middle, then ask … Read the rest

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