Important Autumn Fashion Trends For 2018

A brisk wind is moving across the land, the trees have turned to glorious new hues and the smell of pumpkin spice is everywhere you turn. There can be no doubt that autumn has arrived. Many people find this to be the best season of all, basking in cozy sweaters, enjoying some hot tea and sitting before a roaring fire. It is also the time of the year when fashion takes a significant turn. Now is the time to learn more about seasonal fashion trends and what the fashion industry thinks we should wear as the year winds to a close and what we should get rid of from prior years.

Animal-Inspired Prints

Leave outdated notions about animal print behind, because they are far from low-class. Autumn of 2018 is seeing a real renaissance of these designs. Leopard, as well as zebra prints, appear to be especially well-loved this time around, with everyone from Calvin Klein, Balenciaga, Tom Ford, Givenchy and more showing them in their newest collections. A common pairing for animal prints appears to be with plain black garments that allow the design to really stand out. High street representations of this trend will likely take the form of shoes and coats in leopard looks, but it may be possible to get your hands on some patterns in a more exotic snake, cheetah, zebra and crocodile looks. Though it is more common to see these prints rendered in neutral tones, certain labels have incorporated several bold colours as well. Those concerned about the use of fur in fashion need not fret. Many designers are choosing faux fur for their animal print goods this season.

Layer Love

Another interesting trend this year has to do with layers. Some examples seen on the runway may seem a bit extreme at first, with multiple coats being worn in some instances. Though you may not wish to go to those lengths to embody this trend, consider using capes, puffers, blanket-style ponchos and the like to achieve the look. There are many ways this concept can be interpreted for daily life, including wearing a shirt, jeans, suit jacket as well as a stylish wool coat. When you think you have enough layers on, add one more!

Totally Tan Tones

Once again, we find ourselves harkening back to the 1970s and its sepia-hued vibe. Major names in the fashion industry have embraced this era completely this autumn, with Fendi showing its usual range of beige-toned monogrammed items and Chloe’s apparent brown obsession. Some think brown is the ideal neutral and ultimate go-to tone because it is versatile and easy. It can move from rustic and bohemian to elegant and classy with ease. From toffee, and caramel to milky coffee, the possibilities of incorporating these colours in your wardrobe are endless and exciting.

Making It Crystal Clear

Summer fashions this past year were replete with glamour and bling, including glittery sheen, crystal embellishments and more. This autumn appears to be following suit. Artificial diamonds, crystal baubles and all sorts of glitziness are being added to boot, earrings, glasses and everything else one could think of. Though some may be afraid to sport this type of flashy look, everyone should take heart. There really is something to suit everyone within this genre.

Autumn really is a wonderful time of year, providing fashion mavens with the opportunity to experiment will all sorts of interesting layers, textures and colours. Given the onslaught of social events and work-related functions that happen in autumn, it pays to put forth additional effort to remain on-trend and updated on the latest styles.

By integrating some of the 2018 trends described above, including animal prints, layering of fabrics and textures and the addition of shiny, crystal bling to your accessories, you will undoubtedly be among the most stylish of your set. All it takes is a little creativity in combining these ideas in new ways in order to produce a look that is warm, timely and truly attention-grabbing.