What Are the Different Types of Diamond Rings Based on the Cut and Shape of Diamond?

Buying diamond rings might seem to be an easy task, but it is not. Having said that, it is not rocket-science either! You just have to do your research well before making a purchase because a diamond is forever. When we say ‘research’, it means we want you to be well-informed about the different cuts and shapes and the different kinds of diamond rings based on that. You will find diamond rings costing a few thousand or lakhs. So, what exactly sets them apart? The cut and shape!

Let us have a look at the different cuts and shapes of diamond rings.

Round Cut

The most popular diamond cut that you will find in the market today is the round cut. This kind of diamond is cut in such a way that it maximizes brilliance. This is the reason why yellowish tint and floors are the least visible in round cut stones. A lot of consumers consider this kind of cut as the classic diamond cut.

Princess Cut

Princess cut is quite similar to the round cut as both enhance the brilliance of the diamond. But, the only difference is that the princess cut is a rectangular cut and not a round one. This cut is not as brilliant as the round cut. But, you can go for princess cuts if you prefer a square or rectangular shape of the stone without compromising on the shine and sparkle.

Emerald and Asscher Cuts

This cut is actually a rectangular cut with steps and has its corners trimmed. The square counterpart of this is called the Asscher cut. Both the cuts have the same shape and same arrangement of facets. Only the outline and shapes are different. These cuts do not boast of too much clarity or brilliance. So, the flaws and imperfections in the diamond are clearly visible in these cuts.

Cushion Cut

These are brilliant cuts actually. They look rectangular or square in their shapes with rounded corners. This makes the stone look like a pillow. Hence, the name is ‘cushion cut’.

Radiant Cut

These cuts are again square or rectangular in shape, but they have truncated corners. This is often compared to the cushion cut as they look similar and the radiant cut has a great brilliance too, as the name suggests. People often call the radiant cut as ‘mixed cut’. This is because it looks similar to the cushion cut and it also exhibits some features of the emerald cut.

Oval Cut

Oval cut is just another more modern version of the round cut with an equally brilliant cut that makes the diamond sparkle. This kind of cut can create the impression of a long ring since it is oval in shape.

Marquise Cut

This looks similar to the oval cut in that the marquise cut diamond looks oval, but it has two pointed ends. These ends are sharp and might chip off. So, the diamond should be well protected, especially when it is mounted on diamond rings.

Now that you know the different cuts and shapes of diamond rings, go make that purchase of a lifetime. All these cuts have different prices, so choose the one according to your budget.