5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Your Next Clip-In Hair Extensions

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Whether you are longing for a waist-length, ready for a beach summer wave or simply a decent tight Ariana Grande ponytail hairstyle for once in your life, clip in hair extensions provides a quick and easy fix for all your long hair problems.

But before purchasing your next hair extension, it’s essential to have an idea on what you are actually getting for your money. Because a cheap looking, low-quality hair extension is so not hot. Here are some things you need to know if you are planning on getting a clip-in hair extension.

Hair Type: Ideal for Medium-density hair

Clip-in extensions are a weft of hair with pressure sensitive clips that secure onto your natural hair. It comes in strands of various length with a clip that is sewn to the strand.

If you have a short hair and want to go long in no time or if you have a medium density hair, then this type of hair extension is perfect for you. Application could be tricky at times, but once you get the hang of it -they would be a fun way to upgrade your look. Clip-in extensions offer an exceptional temporary fix for an important event or a special occasion but never forget to take it off before going to bed so you can avoid damaging your natural hair. Many people start with clip-in extensions to see if the hair extension is right for them before transitioning into more permanent solutions.

Do it Yourself Extension

Clips are considered one of the most famous options in hair extension as you can effortlessly attach the piece yourself. For first time users, you can go to your favorite parlor and have your hairdresser design them to your hair and create a natural blend. You can ask them to demonstrate how to attach the extension properly so you’ll have an idea on how to do it yourself.

Clip-ins are the least permanent form of hair extension, but this can be a positive feature. It lets you modify whether you want a shorter hair or a pretty long hair for the day or night by detaching and putting them back in anytime you want. The application usually takes 3-10 minutes and they cause the minimal damage as you don’t need to apply an adhesive or glue to stick to your hair.

Low Maintenance

Clip-in is fairly low maintenance and only requires wash every 15-20 wears or if there is a fair amount of product on them. Essentially, if you are using a human hair extension they’re the identical as your own hair and you can freely style,dye  and cut them to your own taste.

Clip in Human Hair extension can last around six months to a year depending on the care, the products you use and how frequently you wear them. If you’re looking to purchase quality clip-ins, you can get cheap human hair extensions online from Humanhairextensionsonline.com.au.

Easy Undo Feature

Clip-in extensions also are nice for those that don’t wish to do any drastic changes to their natural locks length or thickness. All you have to do is easily clip-in once desired, then undo and return to your natural locks whenever you would like. Clip extensions are also the best alternative if you worry about the possible damage to your hair, that usually happens with the permanent method of hair extensions.

Design Range

If you are too chicken to try the Ombre Colour Trend for real, trying clip in extensions is your Solution as they come in a variety of style, cut and color. From a clip-in ponytail to a more traditional clip-in extension, there is always a  piece for everyone to try.


Who doesn’t wish longer, thicker locks? Regardless if you’re not blessed with having a mermaid-length hair, clip-in hair extensions will take care of your locks in a degree and depth you didn’t even recognize you were missing. Don’t think that you have to spend hours at the salon and drop an entire wad of money in reaping the advantages of hair extension. Currently, it’s easier than ever to shop for the best clip in hair extensions, you just have to be resourceful and do your research.