Disco Costumes and Fashion Trends for 2019

Are you attending or organizing a disco dance party and want to be familiar with the disco costumes that will reign in 2019? If your answer is yes, then there is a great news for you. Disco parties are the most exciting to get lost inside in just a while. Dressing in disco costumes is not a difficult task to accomplish and will not possibly change.

However, that does not connote you must stick to the stringent rules of disco fashion—feel free to introduce your own sense of style, making use of the 2019 trends and combining them with the olden days. 

The Staples of Disco Costumes

When it comes to disco fashion, having excitement is the basis. Therefore, remember the fact that there are a number of staples of disco costumes that you can enter into or use carefully with your own attire.

Here are a number of the core disco costume trends to keep in mind for your 2019 disco party outfit.

1. Spandex

Nearly all women of the disco era preferred spandex outfits, particularly when combined with some other beautiful and attractive headbands and roller skates. Make sure you are dressed in the best spandex colors ever, if you are attending a roller disco.

Spandex dries fast and pulls sweat and moisture away from your body. In addition, it gives you a free range of movement. That is why it is great for a hot disco dance floor. Come 2019,  look out for the Lycra Spandex dance leotards, pants and unitards.

As a matter of fact, some stylish women of these days already own spandex pants, a demonstration of how ground-breaking and enduring the fabric is.

2. Elegant Sexy Clothes and Dresses

In 2019, go for disco costumes, fashion dresses and clothing that will hug your body. Elegant sexy clothes and dresses will do the magic, just like when the 70s were right on the heels of the sexual uprising in the 60s and with the party environment of good times, flashy lights and loud music.

3. Polyester

Polyester is a perfect disco costume and dance wear for its breathability and comfort. Dressing in a polyester suit is the perfect way to dress at a disco dance for gals and guys.  It screams tackiness and functionality—two of the greatest things about dressing up for a disco dance!

4. The Platforms

Disco made platforms came back to the fashion scene in the ‘70s after it went out of style in the 19th century.  Platform shoes made dressing to party easy but difficult to dance from your standard platform to the hot goldfish terrain, which comprised of a living goldfish that must endure your dance moves—which it never performed).