Everything you need to know about green diamonds

You may not think of diamonds as being coloured – after all, diamonds are famous for their clarity and their translucent sparkle; however, coloured diamonds are becoming more popular, with the beautiful green diamond one of the rarest and most valuable precious stones available to buy today. They are so rare that very few people own them, making them an ideal choice if you are after something completely unique.

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Why are some diamonds green?

Green diamonds have a unique story that sets them apart from their clear, blue and pink counterparts. Whereas blue and pink diamonds are formed due to impurities in their structure, green diamonds get their colour from exposure to radiation millions of years ago.

Despite how this sounds, there is nothing to worry about – although some radiation is dangerous, green diamonds are completely harmless. The green colour is due to the light reflecting on the diamond, with only the radioactive stains present and not the properties.

How are green diamonds graded?

When grading diamonds, colour is an important aspect – the clearer the diamond, the more valuable it is. When diamonds are coloured, grading is more difficult and the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has a different system. Deeper colours are graded higher; however, the shade of the stone used for diamond engagement rings, such as Compare The Diamond online diamond engagement rings, comes down to personal taste.

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Diamond clarity refers to the absence of blemishes. This still applies to green diamonds – the fewer blemishes, the better.

Why choose a green diamond for an engagement ring?

For diamond engagement rings, a green diamond is the perfect choice for someone who is looking for originality. They stand out from the crowd with their beautiful colour and look fantastic with other coloured stones. Despite how they are made – surviving for years under pressure and harmful radioactive exposure – they emerge as beautiful stones. This is symbolic of growth, struggle and empowerment – what could be more perfect as a symbol of everlasting love?

A green diamond for an engagement ring is an excellent decision. Diamonds are durable, which is perfect for daily wear; they produce a sparkle unlike any other precious stone, which is very aesthetically pleasing; and they exude class and brilliance.