How the Birthday Cakes evolved – History you should know

A birthday is incomplete without a cake. When someone thinks about a Birthday, a cake is the first thing which strikes to their mind. Birthday cakes in Gurgaon are easy to order with many online vendors. Do you know how these birthday cakes originated? Well, there is a history of birthday cakes and birthday songs. Let’s explore how the birthday cakes traditions come all their way

The History of Birthday Cakes

The very first Birthday cake is believed to be prepared in Germany. During the middle ages, the German referred the birthday as kinder fest where they celebrated the birthday of their kids with a cake. The original cakes were not too sweet and soft. They were coarse like a bread-loaf and were referred to as Geburtstagorten.

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The elaborative cake with the detailed icing and decorations were introduced in the 17th century. However, these cakes used to be very expensive and can only be afforded by wealthy people. However, during the 18th century, these cakes were turned more accessible to the general people due to their affordability. The production of the cakes went significantly up as they become widely popular among the masses.

How Birthday Candles were Evolved

The tradition of placing the candles over the cake was also introduced in Ancient Greece. To honour the goddess of the moon, Greeks used to prepare the round cakes and lit the candles over it to represent the glow of the moon. It was believed that the smoke from the candles lightened over the cake will carry their prayers to God in the sky.

However, few believers explained that the Greek place the candle over the cake to represent it as a light of life. Even today, the people across the world put the number of candles which represent the age of the person who is going to cut the cake. It is also believed that while blowing the candle torch, the blower keeps a secret wish and does not tell anyone tell anyone till the wish a request is granted.

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Evolved as simple bread the modern, fresh cakes has infinite complexities including the varied flavours, stunning icings, complex designing and fantastic shapes. From classic pineapple flavour to contemporary red velvet and blueberries, the choices are abundant.

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