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Planning a Wedding Proposal to Remember

Planning a Wedding Proposal to Remember

You only get one shot at proposing to the girl you love, so you have to make the moment as memorable as possible. Tons of unique marriage proposals have been caught on film. So the real question is, are you going to imitate them, or are you going to make a unique one of your own?

As there must be many things running through your mind as you consider your proposal, here are some of the critical considerations to simplify your thought process. Of course, what stays constant is your one-of-a-kind engagement ring. Achieve that perfect moment in Salt Lake City by having your custom engagement ring crafted by the experts.

Private or public?

Most marriage proposals you see online are done in public to give them an element of surprise; your lady will never see your proposal coming. Doing it in public gives you an infinite number of ways to be smart about your proposal.

However, the biggest con is the potential for rejection. With so many eyes expecting an answer, what if she crumbles under stress and says no? This is where a private proposal might be better. Gauge if your woman is timid during social interactions or if she dislikes public displays of affection to determine the right venue.

Near or far?

Vacation engagements are an attractive idea for couples who love to travel and be away from it all. Proposing in the middle of your romantic retreat lets you play out an ideal scenario within your weekend bubble. You’re also both free from distractions – you two are only focused on each other, and that’s an advantage.

However, doing this deprives you of the option to have friends and family partake in the celebration. This is why some choose to propose somewhere mundane yet meaningful, somewhere ordinary yet sentimental, with their closest friends and family to help pull it off.

With or without friends?

However, before deciding on the venue, ask yourself: should you even have friends and family present?

Being surrounded by everyone who has supported you both wholeheartedly certainly makes the moment more magical. Including them in your proposal plans builds rapport and fellowship with family, proving further that you deserve this moment.

However, it can be tough to have so many people keeping a secret from your partner. Aside from that, the planning can be tedious, since you’re navigating through your partner’s contacts without letting her know. So do at your own risk!

Flashy or intimate?

The reason you have to decide this is that your concept might shift the focus of your proposal. Many people have decided on doing something ostentatious because they assume that the showier they seem on film, the higher their odds of getting that sweet “yes!” from their partner.

Remind yourself that not everything needs to be caught on camera so that you can plan more accordingly.

Surprise or not?

This leads you to the last, possibly most contentious question: should the proposal even be a surprise?

Nowadays, the reason partners shy away from public proposals is because of the pressure. They haven’t made up their minds yet, and they certainly won’t do it on the spot.

It’s unorthodox, but there is a rare advantage in discussing the proposal before the event itself. It eases both of your minds into stability and allows you both to slowly shift your mindset into that of a married couple early, so the pressure doesn’t build dramatically.

You know your partner best, and if the relationship is real, then there shouldn’t be a need to over-think. Just pop the question with confidence, and true love will provide the rest!

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