Top 6 Most Recommended Spa Robes for Women in 2019

One of the many comforts for women is wearing a cozy robe. Unlike before where it was strictly used as a bathroom garment, nowadays, robes have evolved, slowly becoming a part of superfluity. Nowadays, you will often find them offered in luxurious spa centers, hotels, and resorts not only because such garments can keep guests warm and cozy but also because they can make fancy cover-ups or spa robes.

But guess what? Both online and physical market of today are actually flooded with a lot of plush robes. The fleecy robe you had been offered with in your favorite spa center or hotel is actually within your reach. However, the huge number of robes available may be a little overwhelming. Hence, before you hoard up, make sure you know very well the robe that your buck will be spent for.

The evolution of robes has paved the way for its restyling and variation. That means you will most likely come across robes especially classified for spa use, beach use, bathroom use, and a lot more. Regardless, you have to keep in mind that robes are not created the same; some are made thick, some are made fancy but thin, others are made fleecy but with limited designs and colors. To make sure your first robe won’t disappoint, a simple research may have to be done. 

To guide you in your purchase, here are a few important things you have to consider:

  • Fabric Type – The fabric of your robe will tell you straight if it is the one you have been imagining to wear or not but if you do not have the time to spare to visit a physical robe store and you only rely on online shops, here’s what you should know:

There are two kinds of fabric that the vast majority of luxurious robes are made of: terry cloth and waffle weave. A robe that is terrycloth-made is usually plush and thick while waffle weave makes a rather lighter and thinner option. Terry cloth and waffle weave robes are the best materials to go after if you are only looking for a robe to keep you cozy and wrapped as you lounge at home or in your room. Spa centers often use waffle weave to cover their clients up as the cloth is not very warm and is lighter to wear.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a robe to use after you’ve bathed and before you’ve dressed, then robes made in cotton fabric should be your priority. Cotton fabrics come in three categories: low, medium, and high grade and all offer superb absorbency.

Whether you are shopping a robe for yourself or as a gift for somebody else, you may be urged to buy a cheap robe but that does not mean you can find a quality robe that way. The type of fabric also determines if it will last and induce warmth and comfort and will eventually define if your purchase is truly worth it.

  • Fabric Weight – Because special robes are crafted for specific needs, the weight of the fabric used should be an extremely important consideration. While there are soft and comfy robes, satisfaction is not necessarily guaranteed if a thick type is not appropriate for the climate your place has. Depending on your usage, the dryability and longevity of your robe are also important. For instance, if you own a spa business and you need robes for supply, you may want to purchase extra pieces if you want heavy weight robes for them to suffice your clients’ demands.
  • Bathrobe Styles – Since the discovery of robes, different unique styles have unrolled. You’ll find Kimono-style, shawl collar, or hooded robes among the list.

Kimono robes are designed after Kimono, a traditional Japanese garment. Its style is more tailored fit with a streamlined flat collar and sleeves that reach the wrist. Many spa centers use Kimono robes because of their sleek design and lightweight, comfortable feel. On the other hand, a shawl collar robe specializes on its high neck collar design wherein if you wear it, you will feel as if a shawl is wrapping around your neck, giving you maximum warmth. But if you are looking for intense heat after a cold bath and you want an extra warmth around the head and neck area, then hooded robes can address that.Women often use the hood in hooded robes to hold their wet hair aside from the warmth they provides.

Now that you have probably figured out what you are looking for in a robe, here are the top 6 most recommended spa robes for women that you may want to try out:

  1. Frette Milano Terry Bathrobe – Let us start off with this one of the best classic robes offered in the market called Milano Terry Bathrobe from Frette, a renowned French luxury company and is founded in the 1800s. Through the years, it was able to expand to other areas and is now operating beyond Italy. Currently, this brand is known for its high-end towels, sheets, and of course, bath robes. While they have released many different styles of robes, most of them are soft and oversized to provide that coziest wrap.
  2. Coyuchi Relaxed Linen Robe – If you want an organic kind of robe, you should go for this product. Coyuchi is a brand that is currently based in Northern California and is known for its organic sheets. Coyuchi also specializes in heavyweight washed-linen robe made from organic materials. Its founder, Shannon Vaughn, created the concept as she wanted everything that touches her skin to be as close to nature as possible. If you want to sleep like a baby after bath, guess what? It is what a Coyuchi Relaxed Linen robe is made for.
  3. Cariloha Ultra-Plush Bamboo Robe – A robe that is made from bamboo fiber is what Cariloha Ultra-Plush Bamboo Robe is about. Cariloha has been making abuzz for its thick and plush bamboo-made robes who have natural antibacterial properties that fight odors between washes. In terms of absorbency, luxury, and softness, this product has got great reviews.
  4. Agatinia Kimono Robe – From the brand that is famous for its hand-made eco-friendly and conscious lingerie and robes in Poland, this Kimono robe is what you should get if you want a good robe for your sauna sessions. It brags of its odor-elimination and moisture-wicking properties that you can leave it a few days off of your laundry without any issues.
  5. Hanro Terry Long Hooded Robe – Hanro is a Swiss company founded in the late 1800s. Aside from its popular second-skin underwear, Hanro is also sought after for its butter-soft shawl collar and classic women’s robes that are made from a polyester-cotton blend.
  6. Parachute Classic Bathrobe – This robe is claimed to be the best for beginners and is evidently adored by many women. Created by Parachute which is a famous bedding company, this robe is made entirely from 100% Turkish cotton and has even secured a certification from Oeko-Tex.