What We Wear and How We Wear It Has Tremendous Influence

What We Wear and How We Wear It Has Tremendous Influence

We almost always put a lot of thought into what we wear. It’s a very real statement about who we are and what we’re trying to get out of life. And we also tend to change our style around to suit different situations. At work we might go for business casual. We’ll usually change if we’re heading out afterward though. We often don’t even really think about the reason we’re doing so. But it has a lot to do with how clothing and appearance influences our self-perception.

How we dress can have a very real influence on how we feel. People interested in health and wellness might see one particular twist on this idea if they’re into fitness. For a lot of people, putting on workout clothes is more than just about having something to sweat onto. Their clothing is more than something to give them more freedom of movement too. The workout clothing is also to get them pumped up for the workout. They feel like they’re able to do more when they’re wearing the right attire for the task. This is one of the reasons for business attire as well. Or even why some jobs have a uniform. We push ourselves differently when we have a reminder of our intent.

This is one of the reasons why some people use something like healing jewelry as well. Some people feel that the jewelry can impart healing in and of itself. But for others it’s about framing how they’re living their life. For example, consider the case of someone with cancer. People often talk about beating cancer. But what does it actually mean to fight something like a potentially terminal ailment?

For a lot of people the fight is about keeping a sense of self during the process. It’s not always easy to find joy in life when your body is going through so much. But in many ways, that’s what fighting cancer is all about. It’s finding a reason to live. Finding a reason to keep on going back for the chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation or surgery. It’s finding life in the midst of events which focus so heavily on death. The fight with cancer isn’t so much about directly targeting the cancer oneself. The fight is to find an inner drive toward life that keeps one coming back to the therapies which are directly targeting cancer.

And this is how jewelry which promotes health can help some people. People wearing them are reminded of a lot of different things. If they bought it themselves than they’re reminded of the underlying motivation for doing so. It’s a message from themselves in the past to keep on fighting. It’s often a reminder of the past itself.

If the jewelry was a gift from another person than it’s often a reminder of the various relationships in their lives. It’s those connections we have with others that often get us through medical issues. And the jewelry often acts as a continual and concrete reminder of those connections.

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