4 Ways To Be Healthy And Fashionable At The Same Time

4 Ways To Be Healthy And Fashionable At The Same Time

Over time, fashion has taken a lot of definitions and variations. For some, it is a body hugging dress, for others, it is the best designer outfit in the market. Some people just follow the trends. These days, a lot of unhealthy practices have been attributed to fashion. The funny thing is, most people do not realize that whatever poses threat to health is no longer fashion but a potential cause of bad health and in severe cases, death.

To curb these unhealthy behaviours in fashion, we’ll share four ways to be healthy and fashionable at the same time. On, you’ll find opinions on diet and health that will open your eyes to eating disorders that emanate from fashion. Yes, it is this severe.

1. Exercise:

It is not uncommon practice these days to replace exercise with pills and unnecessary surgeries. This is no fight against going under the knife, but we are telling you that a lot of people do it with no valid reason. To get that perfect body shape and maintain it as much as you desire, you must learn to engage in exercise regularly. You must learn to be consistent too. A lot of fashion enthusiasts take pills to burn fat. Pill overdose can occur in cases like this as well as addiction. There is no shortcut to exercise. Engage in it and retain your fashionable body the healthy way.

2. Pay Attention To Your Feet:

As much as you desire to slay in those high heels, you should not forget the medical implications of it. Wearing heels for too long have been known to cause strains to your ankle as well as weaken the bones around the region. You can be fashionable in flats too. Once in a while, go low. We know well that this may not sit well with an ardent lover of heels, and that is why we advise that you wear them moderately and cautiously.

3. Two Bags Are Cool:

Bags are a major influence on the overall health of your spine. They come in different forms, tastes, prices and sizes. Some people tend to stick to a bag because it makes a fashion statement. Their group of people don’t care about the comfort derived from bags. For example, a student stuffs all his school items into his backpack because it suits his/her outfit. In this scenario, the student could use two bags to lessen the burden placed on the spine. But the student doesn’t do that because a fashion statement must be made. For your spine health, make use of two bags if you have to.

4. Eat Right:

The cases of eating disorders like anorexia nervosa keep on increasing with each passing day. Anorexia is a food/eating disorder where the victim is overly obsessed with becoming fat that the victim embarks on deliberate self starvation. Fashion is never about being slim. It transcends this greatly. If you really want to be as slim as the screen divas, anorexia won’t help you. Instead, eat good food and engage in more exercise. Isn’t that fashionable and healthy?

Final Notes

We hope that you follow the tips mentioned in this article. Health is important for fashion, it is high time we all looked past the stereotypes and jokes. We are for healthy fashion.

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