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5 Functions of Marketing


5 Functions of Marketing

Business is the exchange of goods and services and marketing is expediting that process of exchange. It is always great to brush up on basics and get in-depth knowledge of the subject you’re going to apply to your business. Marketing may seem like a basic and easy task however it has a structure to it that is important to understand and respect.

Take a look at these 5 marketing functions that will help you comprehend the concept and form strategies with a clear picture of the future.


Promotion includes social media marketing, email marketing, marketing campaigns, and public relations. Every business needs to promote itself to give users an idea of what it has to offer. Your unique value must be able to grab the user’s attention, which is exactly why promotion is one of the most creative aspects of marketing.

There are leading professionals who expertise in digital marketing to promote your business. You can get in touch with them and find email addresses for them using websites like where you will be able to find official email IDs.


Interacting with consumers, answering their queries, selling the product to them via one-to-one interaction is an important part of marketing. Selling requires you to focus on an individual consumer or a particular segment of consumers. Selling is an acquired skill and any salesperson must be able to communicate eloquently.


Pricing requires a lot of marketing research as you need to stay ahead in the competition but also pay attention to ROI and profit. To set an optimal price means considering both the buyer and seller party in consideration and aligning the pricing to your marketing dynamic. Your marketing should give the consumer a fair idea of your pricing.

Product Management

Product management means meeting your customer demands and needs. Thorough research on your competitors is required for product management. Your product must stand out and fit in at the same time, which is to say the customer must choose your brand over another. Product management needs attention to detail. Seemingly menial factors such as one inch to the left, or maybe a color change can make a difference in the product.

Marketing Management

Studying consumer behavior is a valuable aspect of marketing management. Marketing management requires you to scrutinize the market, competitors, and consumers. Finding the key demographic, categorizing them, and strategizing accordingly is all a part of it. Your market strategies include what to market, to whom and how to do it.

It is essential to plan and move forward with a clear goal in mind. Marketing management allows you to reap your results in numbers and connect them to performance metrics. It utilizes data most efficiently and uses tools and resources to achieve goals.


Marketing is the backbone of any business and it helps it reach new heights. To promote your product or service you must follow a few base-level steps to get started. Marketing functions help you understand these so that you can employ them in your business.

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